“Hi Isang, thanks so much for my new year’s eve makeup and for working so patiently with the little time we had. It was such a nice look and gave me the wow effect I wanted, my husband thought it looked great too…Didn’t feel too heavy and was glam without being overwhelming:-) Can’t wait for a chance to attend one of your masterclasses.” – Loretta, December 2016


“I just left the DHM MASTERCLASS, it was an awesome time with Isang, she did my makeup by the way -I love the simplicity, the step-by-step approach, she makes it easy for everyone to learn and it’s really really nice.  I got to meet loads of beautiful ladies as well who have the same interest, thank you!” – Ade, February 2017


“Isang – It was a very good session and may the Lord continue to favour you and bless the works of your hand ijmn. Amen” – Mrs Taylor, July 2017


“On my traditional morning, like an angel you appeared…my makeup was absolutely flawless & stunning…You have such a beautiful spirit too.  Perfect for my morning prep…thank you for making sure I looked gorgeous on my special day.” – Sandra, August 2016


“Thanks for making me look fab!” – Hannah, November 2014


“I found the masterclass very informative, I liked the setting, it was full of life, Isang knew what she was talking about.  The demo was really good, the job she did on Ruby was amazing! Really nice and you get loads of goodies” – Shola, October 2016


“Now, personally I know all aspects of makeup, before I didn’t , before I just used to do the basic makeup: eyebrows, mascara, lipstick that’s it. But now I know about contouring!” – Sam, October 2016