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divine house of makeup

About the brand

DHM mixes glamour, a touch of elegance with boldness to create a divine flawless finish. Divine House of Makeup by Isang is one of the best makeup artists and brands in London and entrepreneurs to hit the UK and soon globally. In three words the brand can be explained: Elegance, Glamour, Divine. Mainly DHM specialises in high fashion and bold looks as you can view from the portfolio.
DHM is made up of a team of young, fun-loving Christians who seek purpose and impact lives as well as advertising displays of make-up. The DHM family consists of: photographers/directors, assistants, models, MUA, Web Designers. DHM By Isang lipstick collection features six distinct stunning colours and swatches, from the Ibom Girl, a deep pink matte lipstick and a girly girl’s lipstick that can be worn for all occasions, named after Isang’s heritage, to Midnight, which was inspired by Isang’s first Winter lookbook and is one of the darkest shades in the collection, and the signature Divine, which is a subtle plum shade for everyday wear. Liquid lipsticks also include a vegan and gluten-free element also. Bare lipstick, with its nude swatch, also perfect for everyday wear, as well as the brightest shade in the collection, A Chanter, which means ‘to sing’ in French, and takes its name from the collection slogan ‘Makeup That Sings’, with HOT, a bright red look perfect for a daring evening or the summertime, completing the exciting new collection.


The why

Her enthusiasm for make-up, often mistaken for an obsession, has driven her to do her debut photoshoot and launch of Divine House of Make-up (DHM) by Isang to the rest of the world. Specialising in fashion looks, bright, artistic colours often seen in haute-couture fashion, the Portfolio range from the use of cosmetic brands such as: MAC, Nars, Bobbi Brown and Iman (to name a few). DHM is an exciting, fun make-up application business based in West London, with the potential to brand an original one of a kind make-up line in the make-up industry. Her love for makeup came from inspiration from Theresa Francine, Sam Lascelle, Beauty by JJ and external inspiration comes from WIE (Women Inspiration and Enterprise). This expression of art in the form of make-up has caused a wealth of creative ideas, from natural looks to high fashion mood boards and has become a real craft. Make up is not about covering up blemishes or impressing others but rather accentuating one’s features for everyday or occasional looks. Make-up brands range from: Mac, Iman, Makeup forever, Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown, Bare Minerals, L’Oreal, no 7, sleek, MUA, and Rimmel to name a few. The make-up industry is constantly seeking make-up that is not only long-lasting but that can be applied by those who are passionate, care about the application process and after care.

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DHM mixes glamour, a touch of elegance with boldness to create a divine flawless finish.