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    The Imperfect Runway To Glory


    Some of us never knew there was life outside the academia or were not so enlightened or swayed in that direction. For Isang, this was not known only until recent years.  The idea had always been education, school and more school. Not knowing that outside the academia, there was another life.

    In this book, Isang explores her life events from Secondary School, through to College, to the University and life till date.  Some may say establishing her business was an epiphany that was avoided or she was sheltered from. This book explores the options outside of academics and what can still be achieved with them.  Isang’s life to date is demonstrated in these few pages and helps equip, motivate and enlighten those who may not know life outside of the school classroom setting. In a nutshell, there is more and success is a school not often taught or studied.


    Categories: Self-help; Biography

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